Palgrave Macmillan Environment, Health and History

The environment is currently a matter of international public and academic concern, but is often considered separately from health issues. This book brings together work environmental historians to conceptualise connection betw


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Palgrave Macmillan Parricide and Violence Against Parents throughout History

This book combines the approaches of history and criminology to study parricide non fatal violence against parents from across traditional period geographical boundaries, encompassing research on Asia as well as Europe North America. P


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De Gruyter Essays in Islamic Philology, History, and Philosophy

The articles in this volume are dedicated to Professor Ahmad Mahdavi Damghani for the breadth and depth of interests influence on those interests. They attest to fact that fervor rigorously surgical attention to detail have


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Routledge History, Memory and Public Life

History, Memory and Public Life introduces readers to key themes in study of historical memory its significance by considering role of expertise understanding in contemporary public reflection on past.


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Praeger A History of Evil in Popular Culture: What Hannibal Lecter, Stephen

Evil isn't simply an abstract theological or philosophical talking point. In our society, idea of evil feeds entertainment, manifests in all sorts of media, and is a root concept in collective psyche. This accessible appealing book exa


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De Gruyter Markion und der biblische Kanon Christian Literature and History

Die beiden Hans Lietzmann Vorlesungen der Jahre 2009 und 2013 behandeln die frühchristliche Literatur in Beziehung zu ihrem antiken Umfeld, sowie deren Status als Relation zur Rhetorik Geistesgeschichte. AuBerdem wird Fr


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Emerald Group Publishing Limited Reconstructing Social Theory, History

With regard to developments in social theory, past 30 years can be characterized as an Age of Deconstruction. Inspired by post structuralism, postmodernism, critical and science studies, as well as combinations of related approaches, t


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Cambridge University Press A History of the Mind and Mental Health in

The Hippocratic texts and other contemporary medical sources have often been overlooked in discussions of ancient psychology. They considered to be more mechanical less detailed than poetic philosophical representations, as well


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Columbia Memory, Trauma, and History

In these essays, Michael S. Roth uses psychoanalysis to build a richer understanding of history, then takes a more expansive conception of to decode cultural construction of memory. He first examines development in nineteenth c


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Palgrave Macmillan Representing History, Class, and Gender in Spain Latin

This anthology explores the role of children and teenagers in Latin American Spanish Film as protagonists, victims witnesses of societies polarized by still grappling with consequences of political divisions.


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